L.T Group is committed to helping customers purchase high quality graphite products

  • 1

    Master degree of International Economical & Trade. 14 years experiences on International Trade and negotiation, familiar with international trade transaction, have extensive experiences on risk estimation and response.


  • 2

    Bachelor degree of business English, senior assistant, friendly and patient. Familiar with all kinds of international documents, known variety customs of different countries.


  • 3

    32 years experiences on graphite industry, very familiar with all kinds of graphite products manufacturers and its produce capacity,  has a complete theory system and practical operation scheme for quality control. Over the years in the graphite industry who has a wide network of contacts, can grasp first-hand information, also has rich experiences on supplying to graphite downstream manufacturers such as steel, yellow phosphorus abrasive factories.

  • 4
    Jennifer Jee

    Senior procurement cost control expert, Once be raw materials purchase manager of air-conditioning department at Midea Group.


  • 5

    Bachelor degree of business English, years practical experiences on international trade business.

  • 6

    Bachelor degree of e-business, many years of working experiences on inland & sea transportation, and packing details.

  • 7

    Bachelor degree of marketing, familiar with business and negotiation inside China, years experiences on graphite products procurement.

  • 8

    Doctor degree of materials and chemistry, dedicated to the study of carbon molecules for years, have unique insights on new graphite application of 3D printing, Photovoltaic industry, cathode material etc.

  • 9

    Doctor degree of Electrical engineering and automation, 12 years dedicated to the research and design of graphite production process, with authority in this field.

  • 10

    senior certified public accountant

  • 11

    senior certified public accountant