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Every day we come across thousands of these small, electronic parts that glow in all colors. They are in traffic lights, screens, illuminated panels, and automobile headlights – light-emitting diodes, LEDs for short. A particularly high-grade specialty graphite is required to manufacture them.

Light-emitting diodes consume much less energy than traditional light bulbs. At the same time, their lifetime is substantially longer. They glow for up to 50,000 hours. This makes the economical diodes the only illuminant to obtain energy class A according to EU standards.

Light-emitting diodes generate light in compound semiconductors. The power and performance of these light-emitting diodes rises and falls with the quality of these semiconductors. Their manufacture is the key process in the entire LED production chain. This is where specialty graphite comes into play. Isostatic graphite is fundamental to the production of the semiconductor layers. They are created with the socalled epitaxial process. The rotating carrier on which the epi-wafers are coated in the reactor has a diameter of about half a meter and only weighs a few kilograms. It consists of an isostatic graphite coated with silicon carbide. Only this very fine and homogeneous graphite can live up to the high demands required for the coating process.

The rapidly increasing demand for LEDs poses great challenges for the industry. For instance, the brightness of the LEDs must be increased, costs must be reduced, and production capacities increased. In order to continue to successfully accompany our customers in the semiconductor industry on the way to a more energy efficient future, we are further expanding our capacities for the production, purification, processing, and coating of isostatic graphite.