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3D printing with carbon and graphite
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Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, has gained a foothold in many industries – both in prototype production, and to some extent in small scale serial production. Plastic and metal are the most common materials for 3D printing. Our current approach is to print 3D components using carbon and graphite, thus combining the advantages of 3D printing with the specific properties of our materials.

   ● To further enhance the properties of 3D printed carbon, a number of finishing processes (polymer impregnation, etc.) can be used. Application areas and examples

   ● 3D printed carbon molds or lost cores

   ● Resin impregnated 3D printed components for applications with highly corrosive chemicals (columns, heat exchangers, etc.)

   ● 3D printed carbon components with silicon infiltration for high-wear applications (pump impellers, bearings, wear linings, etc.)

   ● Other possible applications such as catalyst supports, structured packing, etc.