L.T Graphite is committed to helping customers purchase high quality graphite products

Fine-grain Graphite Mold

L.T Group covers the entire value chain of fine and medium grain graphite production. From raw material selection, semi-finished product manufacture, precision machining, impregnation, purification, and coating. This is how we ensure the consistent high quality and performance of our products.

Graphite molds service many companies in the metallurgical, chemical, aerospace, mould manufacturing, petroleum, textile,  primary metals, powered metal, and the heat treat industry manufacturing countless items to their specifications.

L.T. Graphite is committed to helping customers purchase high quality graphite molds.

1. Graphite dies for diamond saw blades ( vertical and lateral press graphite dies).

2. Graphite Mold for Diamond Bit (Integral, Combination, Fan-shaped, Straight Tooth).

3. Graphite mold for Bead string saw blade.

4. Graphite Mold for cemented carbide sintering on Grinding Wheel or Disc .

5. Our experienced professionals can design and process graphite molds of various specifications according to your requirements or drawings.

Graphite products are highly customized products, our main products are:


High purity fine grain graphite mold Tech Data:



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