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Other Graphite Products

Graphite furnace for Iron, Tin melting & purifying, is our major independent research and develop product. We can design according your process and technical requirements, assist to find perfect solution.

Our graphite products covering:

1. Impermeable graphite blocks 880*440*2100mm 900*600*2000 mm 700*350*2360mm

2. Graphite products for vanadium-nitrogen alloy kilns Graphite Crucible, Graphite Push Plate, Graphite Arch Beam, Graphite Guide, Graphite Cover Plate, Graphite Powder, etc.

3. Furnace head electrode Graphitization furnace

4. Graphite Products for Calcium Silicon Alloy Furnace Graphite furnace wall, graphite furnace bottom, graphite furnace nozzle, graphite diversion groove, etc.

5. Kiln furnishings such as graphite box, push plate, pallet and moving plate for positive and negative materials of lithium batteries Graphite Ark and Graphite Crucible

6. Graphite Products for Gas Protected Furnace Graphite support ring, graphite floor, graphite support plate, graphite screw, etc.

7.Graphite Crucible for High Temperature Purification of Lithium Battery Anode Material

Single-hole crucible and porous crucible

All our products can be customized, please contact us!


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